Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Sankranti and Pongal-o-pongal

Happy Sankranti to one and all.

India being an agricultural country, harvest season is celebrated throughout our country with great enthusiasm and fervour.
It may have different names but the festival is a celebration of the farmers, their lands and cows and signifies the harvest season.In Maharashtra it is the Makar Sankranti.

open the lid to taste the pongal

In Tamilnadu Pongal wherein 'Pongal' a prasadam (made with rice and jaggery) also with the same name is made to overflow from an earthen pot with the intention that the year ahead also overflows with peace and happiness.
so lets say together Pongal-o-Pongal.


iyerviji said...

Dear Sangitha

I am glad that I am the first one to comment. Your pongal pot with painting is superb. Tasted the pongal also virtually and it was yummy and sweet like you.

Wish you and your family also a Happy Pongal and all the best .

Patricia Torres said...

Oh wow!! lovely!! I like that pongal pot.. the painting is awesome!!

purplehomes said...

Wishing you the same :)

meg said...

Pongal-o-pongal to you and family!

Veneer Suppliers said...

I am new to your blog. and the painting of pongal pot is really awesome. Happy Pongal/sankranti to you...:))

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