Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Handcrafted Store

As I told you all in my last post,we (my friend M and myself) had put up a stall of handmade stuff in a 'fun n fair' organised on the 25th of December.our products included candles,coasters,curios,terracotta,ceramics,frames,cushion covers,runners,gift envelopes,kurtis etc;
It was a great experience.The cash box lifted our spirits and there is a motivation to do better next time.Am sharing certain pictures of the event.
For any enquiries please contact
And do keep the comments pouring.will love to hear from all of you.


MindfulMeanderer said...

lovely spread! :) happy new year in advance!

Patricia Torres said...

LOvely lovely... All your collection looks simply superb!! Loved all your stuff... You have to post a little tutorial on the coasters please!!

Well done...

Here is wishing you a fab year ahead!

G said...

You are really gifted. :) When I saw these pictures, one thing came to my mind. Doesn't it hurt giving away such masterpieces of your work?
I barely get around to doing even a simple thing, but I would feel bad if I had to give it away! :(

Sangitha said...

MM(sorry for the abbreviation),Patricia & G,

Thanks dear.

Pat the warli designs on the coasters are laminated on a wooden base.

G,yes sometimes it is painful but the fact that the buyer appreciates our work is reason enough to give it away.If one likes it enough to buy it,then probably he will treasure it too!

Have a Peaceful & successful 2010.

Anu said...

Beautiful!!loved them...

Please let me know when u have another exhibition... i grew up in thane and now live in chembur.. would love to come and have a look.. and meet u in the process...

wish u a wonderful year ahead

Sangitha said...

hi Anu,
It would be great meeting u in person.will definately let yoy know,when I plan for an another one.
Thanks and here's wishing an year full of happiness for you!

soupi said...

oh! that was U!!
I didn't know this.
it was at Happy Vally, right?
I visited your shop, :D
I loved those coasters.

Sangitha said...

Hey this is intresting!!
where do u live?I would love to meet you!
Do get in touch

Rekha said...

beautiful collection, loved all of them. said...

I came across your blog on decor & designs and thought you would be interested in the campaign we are currently running. If you could write back to me with your email address I could send you details on our campaign.

Deepa Raman said...

how did i miss this? Sangita..the collections are simplt wonder the cash box got a lift:)..tell me where those things u got..or is it handmade by know guys

Sangitha said...


Thanks a lot!
Deepa,all of those are handmade!!We custom ordered terracotta and ceramics and handpainted on them.Similarly the work on cloth is either hand-painted or hand-embroidered!
Thanks once again

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Lydia said...

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elena said...

Very lovely!

Poonam said...

I loved your art and the blog!!! Inspirational!:)


Anonymous said...

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