Monday, June 22, 2009

Traditional art - warli

Warli art started in rural maharashtra,when tribals wanted to decorate their mud houses.since these tribals were also iliterate,they needed to express themselves and it gave them the freedom to do so.Birth,death,marriage celebration,harvest season etc; are usually depicted in this form of art. .It mostly involved human figures doing the usual chores.

what started in the rural areas has now become so popular,that it is found almost everywhere. Iam sharing with you, warli art on table mats, coasters and even earthen handis and spatulas


Patricia Torres said...

I simply love Warli. Its nice & simple and way too pretty!!

I love how the warli on the earthen pots look! Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!! I'll try and do this on my plant pots!!

Sangitha said...

hey patricia,
know, the earthen handis were my wedding gifts.its been six years now and i have enjoyed all the lunches & dinners with them.infact they have been real conversation pieces.

TheKeyBunch said...

Just added you to our blogroll! :) These are simply lovely! I was actually looking out for some Warli inspiration!


veda murthy said...

hey sangitha,

love ur blog! i just love warli paintings...i recently bought a wall hanging with this art from mangalore!

hey by the way check this ....your blog is listed here ....congratulations!!!!!!

do c my blogs too

Vasudha.dilip said...

lovely blog... good work....
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Sangitha said...

veda,a special thanks for the information.
Vasudha congrats to u too!

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john said...

thanks for sharing very beautiful traditional art paintings. they are very good and colors are very attractive

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