Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deepams from Sapna's home

Lights,lamps diyas, flowers, colours, rangoli, brass, silver, glitter and sparkles are all that creates the festive ambiance on Diwali nite. Today, we are about to visit Sapna's abode and have a look at her Diwali vignettes.. Come, join me on a virtual tour to her place!

Lights that illuminate all corners ...

love the shadow play

The conch lamp is an unique one..different arrangements but it brings life to each one!

At the entrance...

Cute little stuffed elephants that carry  lights on their head.The market these days are flooded with all kinds of lights but the ones that appeals to us, at the first glance comes home. Isn't it?

These were some corners of Sapna's home.How are you bringing that festive cheer into your homes? Any special tips that you would like to share, write to me dear people!Would love to hear from you. Meanwhile do check out my pinterest board and instagram account for all updates and news from sajavat.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Diwali vignettes

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festival in our country. I know most households would have started with their customary annual cleaning, done with their shopping for clothes and gifts and the lady of the Home would have put their thinking caps on as to what sweets and savouries should be made! Now, as we entertain family and friends during Diwali we would like our cosy nests to be decked up too!

Sometimes it is more or less a challenge to give a different and unique look each year. I have put up some vignettes around home which is a little special than those on regular days.
Rangoli or kolam, flowers, garlands, brass & silver artifacts are stuff that goes with the spirit of festival of lights.

Have a look at these arrangements and with a slight twist you can create your own look for the year!

 The humble rangoli frame in a new avatar:

The rangoli making frame is so useful to design pretty and colourful artwork on floor. As in my case, I have used it as a tray to hold my diyas. I have styled my dining table ( which sure is where all the action happens!) with a colourful runner, gathered all the pretty brass and earthen diyas and arranged on the frame. Use battery operated T lights or the regular T lights on these diyas so that there is no hassle of cleaning up either! Now off you go ! The dining table with all the lip smacking traditional goodies is all bright and lit up!!
Believe me it will be a novel idea... Try it out...

Decorating with deities:

The duo of Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped on Deepavali, so it only makes sense that you dedicate portions of your home to invoke their blessings.
If you observe the above vignette it includes idols, sticker kolam, metal balls of light and a coconut candle. The coconut candle holder is an interesting and an easy DIY.
As you break the coconut into half and use the fruit in your cooking,scrape out all the residual from the shell.Now you can fill each half with wax (in molten form) which is easily available in market.Place a wick inside the wax before it sets. There you have a coconut shell Diya. Isn't that unique?

A closer view of the coconut shell lamp...I have placed some rose petals inside and drawn a simple pattern on the outside to enhance it.

DIY's are fun because it indicates your level of involvement.

Add silver for the festive touch:

Diwali is also about  bling, sparkle and glitter.Do not hide your silverware in your wardrobe. Time to bring them out.
Remove the accumulated tarnish on the silverware, arrange them together and you have a pretty vignette.
I don't light up all my silver lamps since they cant hold enough oil but they are just too beautiful not to be used!This is my alternate use of all these pretty stuff. I display them on these special days and feel blessed!

Did you like the look of my home on Diwali this year? I hope you do! Share your home with sajavat and its readers. I will be happy to feature them on my blog.
Have a safe and happy time with your near and dear ones!

Shubh Deepavali !!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The versatile cake stand

As a kid, I was always fascinated by the English way of having tea with cakes and to tell you, I love it even today!

Very recently my sister gifted us a cake stand.Now, this beautiful turquoise colored stand displays cakes elegantly.No doubt about it! But baking and displaying cakes is not done very frequently at my place, only once in  a while, on some special days. That made me think on its versatility.

This post is my attempt to showcase a variety of ways in which a cake stand can be used effectively and enhance the look of your home. Yes,I have tried using the cake stand even as a vignette holder! Not wanting to keep you waiting, lets get started right away!

Why not keep your daily stock of fruits on it.This makes it easily accessible and adds colour to your breakfast table. What say?

Even the humble poha seemed so good placed on the cake stand. Sometimes you have to serve the same old breakfast in a new avatar and it works believe me!!

Let us see, the cake stand being used as a vignette holder...

Eye catchy isn't it?
Diwali is around the corner, why not use it to display candles and lights.

As I experimented with each look, it gave me immense satisfaction and am determined to use my cake stand more often now! Did you like, what you saw? Any other idea that you would want to share, please feel free to drop in a comment. Eagerly waiting to hear your views...

Friday, September 8, 2017

Decor at Vatsalya

As a decor blogger I just can't stop myself from sharing beautiful and thoughtfully done spaces!
Today's focus is on the decor of a restaurant. This cafe/ restaurant  Vatsalya - Millet Cafe is in my city Bengaluru and very close to my home.

This is an unique cafe cum restaurant, the specialty being its choice of food. It is a millet cafe. All the items are centered around millets. In today's times of junk food and binge food, this comes as a refreshing and novel concept. I loved their thaali and it was sure healthy treat all the way and as a topping on the cake was the earthy, natural decor of the place.Let me share some clicks that I could manage with my phone.

This is at the entrance, a very pleasing arrangement of greens welcomes you and as you step inside brass lamps are kept on either sides. Everyday arrangement includes decorating the uruli with fresh flowers and leaves from the garden outside the cafe.

As mass produced items flock the market,am drawn towards these traditional and olden method of cooking food in mud wares.In all possible shapes and sizes these were an absolute treat to see!!!

A very rustic feel is what you get inside the cafe. We have all modern day facilities now, wherein not much of physical strain is required to pound your grains but no one can deny the taste of a simple chutney which is made by using the  grinding stone!! Is your mouth watering??

This was the setting that forced me to write this post...A very simple yet eye catchy and earthy tone set by using ceramic pickle jars and terracotta urns...

Awesome isn't it? I loved the place and if you are like me, you will love it too! I assure that.

If after reading this post, you are tempted to visit this cafe, do let me know your experience as well!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Vignette with the humble chalkboard

As kids we all had this and it was our favourite too! To scribble anything and everything on it was a task we loved. Am talking about the chalkboard /blackboard here!!!

Now, as my kids are all grown up and out of that phase their chalkboard is serving a purpose of my interest...To jot down my thoughts for the day or simply put, as  a decor accessory !

When creating a vignette, if you can also express the arrangement through texts, believe me, it can create a visual interest like none other !!

The message gets conveyed easily and effectively.What do you think?

I came across certain such vignette where the chalkboard has been used and the humble chalkboard just takes the decor to the next level...Have a look...

There are so many elements in this image but the blackboard takes prominence. Isn't it?
And every time you pass by this, am sure there will be a smile on your face !
Welcome to your own kitchen and the messages acts as a mood setter for the day.You feel happy and I bet there will be a song on your lips

I have admired Archana Srinivas for her decor sense, for creating simple arrangements that leave a lasting impression. How effective is this vignette, where everyday stainless steel vessels are used and the message so apt..."Shine On"
And each family has its own set of rules...why not jot it down?
 And now some from my own home... when you are glad you have weekend ahead and you can just take it easy and Relax...
Place the chalkboard anywhere and everywhere...As for now, my blackboard has found its home in the balcony
So what do you think? Are you going to try this or have you already done so.Either which way, I would love to hear from you.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Styling with Bougainvilleas

As we pass expressways and highways 
these purple, pinks, yellows and whites,
that form a fence, a boundary or a canopy
So enchanting, not fragrant 
yet, dainty and so pretty!

A no-fuss plant
with some thorns 
but those delicate, vibrant flowers that makes you want!!

 Colours such, that brighten the space 
and lights up a face,
are none other than those of the  Bougainvillea !!!

Earlier, I was not much impressed with Bougainvilleas since they always used to flower on the neighbours side of the fence but slowly my fondness grew. and now as we take road trips, this plant is found on almost all state and national highways and they are such a marvelous sight to see!!! (They even made me attempt a poem on them. Pathetic though it may be!)

I got some branches home, last trip and used them to style various nooks and spaces of my home. Sharing these with all you dear readers.
Let me know how you find this post and if you are a plant lover like me get  these sturdy plant home! They are very easy to maintain just two things worth remembering are

1. Water them only when dry
2. Prune them periodically

So lets start...Enjoy the images

On the shelves...

pleasant sight in the restrooms for sure!

With my ceramic jars in the kitchen

Workspace calls for such pretty diversions all the time! what say?

withered away flowers collected in a bowl

 as a centrepiece on the table

They can be easily merged with all assortments, typically anywhere !

Bringing life to my living room!
If you were impressed with this post and want to style your space with them, here is another tip from me. The bougainvillea flowers when  left to dry on its own become paper like and doesn't lose colour for a long time.They are ideal and can be placed in an uruli or a bowl instead of fresh flowers!

Did you notice the ceramic jar with the bougainvillea is the same in all images.Only the locations changed.The bougainvillea still manages to create its own mojo and breathes life to all the corners that were styled with them.

This only reinforces my belief that one doesn't need expensive elements to style their home. A little thought, love and care does it all!

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