Thursday, October 20, 2016

Diwali decoration with quilling and T-lights

Did you read the last post on adding that extra little on to a T-light and making it attractive.?If not, read it here

Now, again a very simple idea for those who know quilling. Quilling is the process of coiling coloured strips of paper and giving it the desired shape.To learn the basics of quilling go here.

In this post what we are going to make is a quilling base for your T-light candles.The base can be as big  and colourful according to your choice.

 So this is the one for this year's Diwali...

Design achieved by sticking many quilled coils with each other...

Doesn't this look neat and glam?
Such bases can look very pretty when displayed as a table top decoration.It enhances the beauty of the T-light too!

Are you finding the series interesting...well we have more here. Make sajavat a daily read ! Am eagerly waiting to hear your comments too!

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