Monday, August 22, 2016

Creative inputs for a new feel in your home!

Case 1: Buy a home-do the interiors-implement new decor elements
Case 2: A few years later... feel the need for a new look-renovate your home

But what happens a few more years down the lane, that is once again when you get bored of the same old appearance...One cannot keep on spending on home decor...this is when you try and bring about little changes here and there which may not necessarily mean a huge dent on your pocket.

Some subtle yet noticeable changes in one's decor can be done in the following manner.

1. Add new decor accessories.Keep rotating the accent pieces so that you never get to see the same pieces all the time.You will agree that there comes a point in life where you have collected so many pieces that all cannot be displayed together.Create a new vignette every once in a while. Here comes the most valid thing to do...keep your pieces in Rotation!

2.If possible create a new sitting area with elements  that is not entirely new but a simple mix-match of existing items with certain recent purchases.This will give a totally different feel to the room.

Create a cosy nook such as this one.Existing stuff assembled in a new corner gives a whole new dimension! The change has to be dramatic and not really big in terms of the elements involved.

3.Dig out your attic.It may hold those vintage/antique stuff that you may have totally forgotten about!

I loved this unit.Imagine you have these beauties stored away in your loft but when you have the right unit to display them together, it is as if you have hit the jackpot! And this display shelf ( If I may call it so! ) is very simple in terms of the design but does total justice to the antique collectibles!

4.Small changes like a partition designed to separate one area from another, can also work wonders in lending a completely new look to the existing space. 

Again a very easily do-able partitioned shelf that acts as a pot holder as well as gives you the much necessary privacy.

Very recently I came across a space which had been separated by a large wooden window with several small squares built within.Each square held a brass lamp hanging.I felt it was a very novel idea and the wooden window can be made to suit your dimension.Image from my phone ...just to give you an idea..You can implement the same with lesser number of squares.

5.Highlighting your walls also helps to change the overall feel of a space.Paint textures on the walls or just a simple wall decal can enhance the corner and wall decals come at affordable prices and can be implemented involving minimum time.

These were certain simple easy tricks .Any other suggestions that you can think of?

Images are sourced from here


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.thanks for sharing

meg said...

nice ideas n nice pictures... especially agree on rotating decor items and digging out antiques and creating new looks...

Joyce James said...
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Natasha Malhotra said...

Thats a nice article. Nice tips! I remember using some of these tips when decorated my old apartment. Thanks!

Muskaan Agarwal said...

Wonderful home decor ideas! Loved how you have incorporated traditional Indian flavours in your decor. thanks for sharing!

Sangitha Aanand said...

Appreciate your stopping by to comment dear readers.Glad you all liked the post.

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