Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some quiet moments with greens at home

This is a very simple post but an activity that gave me immense satisfaction.Since some days my money plant( pothos ) had a miserable appearance.I was in no mood to buy the moss stick .So finally did what I had seen my mother do in all these years.She would just scout for a stick and wrap our humble coir around the same.

Last week we went to farm and that is where I found this bark.Immediately I knew, where I would use it .So this afternoon trimmed the plant,inserted the thick stem into the pot and wound the coir around it and then gave the same treatment to the money plant.So as the pothos grow ,I will only have to give it a direction around the coir wound stem.

Looks clean right.what do you think? Now for those of you who do not follow the Sajavat facebook page some more greens from my home.Have a look.

Nothing is spared at my home.Not even my son's toy truck.Anyway you enjoy the monsoon and the greenery around.We will see each other very soon!


Vasudha Somayaji said...

Ha ha I was thinking of doing a post on coir sticks for garden. But I see this idea is already shared here. Felt nice seeing your garden. Added to this monsoon in Bangalore is a blessing. So happy gardening..

Sangitha Aanand said...

Hi Vasudha.Like minds think alike!Actually we can even decorate the coir stick by tying colourful pom poms.Ideas are many,only get around to
implementing them.Thanks for stopping by

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