Monday, May 30, 2016

Kokedama- Japanese art of planting

Kokedamas is a Japanese method of growing plants without pots.These are hanging in nature and
very easy to make.I just saw a you-tube tutorial and thought will share the info with you.

There are so many variations which you can implement once you know the actual technique.
Join me with your favourite brew or a glass of aam -panna for that cool and refreshing feel and come let's get started.

Select a plant of your choice.I feel it is better to start with a succulent since they are relatively maintenance free. Also use coco peat as the soil medium.Make a ball, the size you would prefer to hang.Place the succulent firmly inside it. and wrap it with a moss sheet.That's it. Now to hang it and make it attractive ,tie the moss ball in strings.The strings can be colourful .Make 5 or 6 of such moss balls and hang it to form a string garden or each one suspended freely.

Hanging moss plants by Mister Moss. These. Are. Awesome. According to Apartment Therapy, they are DIY, too! Take a clump of soil, cover it with sphagnum moss, wrap it in colorful string, and pair it with a coordinating (or contrasting) plant. When your ball feels dry, simply dunk it in a bucket of water.    This is something that is happening.:

Watch this video to get a better understanding.

I will just leave you here with these images.You can try out your variation with plants other than succulents. Insert certain decorations along with the plant inside the moss. Make a horizontal string of Kokedamas and create your own curtain of plants.Ideas are many.You only need a little push and motivation to try out new things.Meanwhile, let me try my own kokedama...


Ranjana's craft blog said...

I know about Ikebana- flower arrangement by Japanese. Nice to know about Kokedamas. Thanks for sharing.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Appreciate your stopping by to comment Ranjana. Yes, it was kind of new to me too!.World over we have so many planting-potting techniques.It's so amazing we get to know about them through the click of the mouse now-a-days.

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Amruta Patil said...

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