Saturday, February 6, 2016

Travel Souvenir- J&K

It's time again to talk about  travel souvenir. We had been to Jammu long back but the small token that we carried from there still reminds me of the beautiful trip we had! That's the thing about souvenirs.They let you travel back in time.

Have you heard of Namdah?

Namdahs are basically chain stitch rugs. They are very popular because they are affordable and not only as a rug, they are even used as a wall covering, sofa backs and mats. The base of these rugs is called Namdahs which is basically felted wool and cotton. These are produced in vibrant colours in varying shapes and sizes. Namdahs use the kind of hooks which are called ari instead of the traditional needle. The specialty of theses needles are they cover much more area than the usual ones in the same time and therefore economical to use.


Mostly with a white and creamish base, these are colourful, warm & stylish. They are available in various sizes as carpets,rugs and mats.Choose your pick.

Also sharing with you a piece on travel souvenir that  I recently wrote  on, which  is India’s premier destination for home design and décor.


meg said...

Really... these namdahs are classics of Kashmir in real sense! Their intricate designs and colours are so unique. Nice post.

Ayshwarya Singh said...

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