Friday, October 16, 2015

EthniChic By Roshni Puthukudi

This post is about the creative pursuits of  Roshni Puthukudy who hails from Kerala and is now settled in Bangalore. 

The brand & its creator

 She is a civil Engineer with in construction Management and a PGDBM in Financial Management. With such an impressive educational background,she ought to be in  a highly paid multinational company.Yes, that's what she did for  a living...worked with leading construction firms in Mumbai and Bangalore. But then comes a twist in the story. Aaannndd the start- up bug bit her.
 Roshni was also passionate about art all this while and thanks to an exposure of various art forms of India due to a defence background, EthniChic came into being!

EthniChic is an amalgamation of ethnic art and being chic, hence the name.

EthniChic is an initiative that brings Indian ethnicity to your homes, in the form of home décor, accessories and apparels that are hand painted or decoupaged. It ranges from Jewel boxes, trays, Votive stands, Khullads, Hand mirrors, Lamp shades and Palm leaf fans to Bangles, Neck pieces, Ear rings and much more. There is complete division of hand painted apparels which comprises Sarees, Skirts, Jumpsuits, Kurtas, Waist coats, Dresses etc. Each piece of art is crafted with utmost care and passion.Her target audience are women who are fashionable and at the same time want to be connected to their roots.

Decoupaged wooden boxes with traditional Indian designs

Ethnichic operates primarily  through social media.To touch base with her customers and to understand their needs Roshni also attends some of the leading flea markets.For those who know about Karnatka ChitraKala Parishad, her stall is a regular one there.
Today EthniChic products are listed in more than 6 online market places and also in various shops in Kerala, Karnataka and AP, and a few abroad.

Madhubani, Kerala murals & kalamkari...different art forms under one roof!

EthniChic believes that there cannot be one design that satisfies all.Hence Roshni does a lot of customized orders,  whether it be a jewelry or painting, customers would either share a specific theme or a specific picture, & from there  would come up with something that appeals to the customers.

Now how cool is that!...Palm leaf Fans

A Dashavataram in Madhubani style( Bihar)-Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu that Roshni has customised for a client.Acrylic on Canvas - 48 in x 26 in

Roshni is eager to develop EthniChic as a brand and is working on collaborating with various lifestyle boutiques across India.She has a tie-up with a store in Trivandrum(Kerala).Also planning to have pop up shows and is working on developing  a website!

 One more of her amazing tray designs...

EthniChic is your answer to all your art & decor needs at home. Also, all you gorgeous ladies out there, want to go traditional this festive season? EthniChic is where you should head to.

Details about EthniChic

Twitter: @ethnichic
Instagram: @ethniichic
Pinterest: ethnichic
Email/Phone number for Business enquiries


Neha Agarwal said...

Absolutely gorgeous stuff Sangitha!! Loved the pictures and your writing as always...

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Red Wood Creations said...
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Shweta Kumari said...

Wow, absolutely fantastic blog..

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