Monday, September 14, 2015


Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner. I thought of sharing some easy DIY to make Eco-Friendly Ganesha at home. Going green is the need of the hour.Enjoy to your heart 's content with these super easy ideas which with a little practice even the kids can make. Use your creativity along with my ideas and yo! you are all set to enjoy the festival with a bang!

Method -1

Materials needed: wheat flour, turmeric, vermillion

1.First determine the size of Gajendra you want to make.
2.Knead the wheat flour and make dough, adding water little by little.
3. while kneeding also add turmeric until it gets the right hue
4.Shape into a ball. Now slowly give it the shape of the elephant -God
5. Lastly with the help of vermilion (kumkum) give color to the trunk eyes and the padams.

Wasn't that an easy one. Come on. Now for another method.

 Materials needed: Rice flour

 This is a super simple one.
1. You can use the store bought rice flour for this.Initially for a few seconds fry the rice flour in a pan
2. Now you have to  knead the same, adding water( usually double the quantity of flour) keeping it, in the pan itself and stirring it,till it dries.

3. Just shape the ball of dough (adding a little oil in your palms) into your favourite Lord Vinayaka
4. You can use mustard for his eyes .For a bigger eye use peppercorns and clove for the tooth in his trunk.

Method -3
Material needed: Turmeric powder

This is a Vighnaharta made a little while ago for  a family function by my mother.

1. Take kneaded turmeric powder
2. Give a rough shape of Ganpati and voila you are ready with your own Lambodara.

Method 4
Material needed: Potter's clay or kids playdough

1. Keep the form of the cute Ekadanta in mind or a pic in front before you start.Since you are using potter's clay or terracotta that will air dry, you have the basic ingredient at hand
2. You only need to give the final shape.
3.Now go ahead and paint according to your imagination.

Method -5
Materials needed: Newspaper, maida(refined flour), salt & loads of patience

 This Mooshikavahana may induce laughter, since it did not turn very much like 'The Gajapati'

This is the link that I referred while making this Gajanana.

Do visit the site for the correct method and its an easy one

Let me tell you, the paper mache clay came out well but it is my inability to shape it well that has led to its current state. Also I have learnt that to get a fine clay one must opt for tissue papers rather than newspaper.

Go ahead and make your own Omkara.

Mangalamurti Maurya! Ganapati Bappa Maurya!


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Thanks for sharing Sangeetha. The first one seems to be easy and cute.

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