Friday, August 14, 2015

Patriotism for our Tricolour flag

A National celebration is underway.School kids are gearing up for Independence day.In most societies,members take great pride in hoisting  our  Indian flag. In short, one can feel the patriotism fervor running high everywhere in the country.

At the same time, like every year, this time too I am concerned about the state of our flag once the day is over. We buy them as tokens to exhibit our love for the nation but then at the end of the day, they lie on the roads uncared for? That's an insult. Don't you feel so?

This Independence day,Clean Planet introduces a unique and contemporary pouch that embraces Indian crafts and helps you to retain your national flag even after the celebrations are over."The Indigenous India Pouch is Clean Planet's tribute to the rich cultural traditions of India,in the form of Katha Hand Embroidery on Eco Friendly cotton.A handcrafted interpretation of the tri-colour flag of India, carry this Eco Stylish pouch as a badge of patriotism. The Indigenous India pouch is hand embroidered by young women as part of a livelihood program run by Clean Planet"


Clean Planet was born of the vision to create eco-stylish products to inspire consumers across the globe to buy responsibly. The brand, headed by entrepreneur activist Savitha Rao,houses a very competent team with profound experience to carry out operations in developing a wide range of Eco-products including Eco Veggie bags, Trendy Eco Tote bags, Contemporary Eco Sleeves, Eco Home Place-mats and Eco Pouches. 

Savitha Rao is the  Founder and Director of Clean Planet. Savitha has vast knowledge of the international textile markets along with a formal degree of MBA (marketing) from Mumbai University. She worked closely with renowned brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss for several years. Insights that she gained during the stint led her to propel innovative ideas in Eco-friendly space as a social activist and entrepreneur. With a strong motivation to make a difference to the planet, she has been devising ways and means for creating iconic products that are stylish, sustainable and affordable.

So this Independence day, if you would like to have our National flag, join the initiative to use such products that can be  re-utilized.

Happy Independence day!
Jai Hind!

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reyab said...

Its original Idea. Keep posting.

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