Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sajavat adorns a new look !


2015 is finally here to stay and after, all the excitement of the last few days of 2014, I know most of you may be taking it easy.
How's the beginning of the year treating you? Hope there is happiness all around.

There are a few hiccups at our end, but nothing major, so only grateful..That's life for us. The best teaching of life is to live in  the moment and enjoy it. Rest is unknown... and that's the beauty of life!

At sajavat, I have made a few changes...added  some of my artwork, some new tabs below the header.

Do check them out and a gentle reminder...also join sajavat on facebook

Planning to start the year on sajavat, with a travel post to a land of art, history and rich cultural heritage. stay hooked....


meg said...

Very nice... new year new beginning... new look... some self made n some collected artefacts classy!

Looking forward to many more posts from you on art and culture!

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Meghana,
Always look forward to your comment!

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Wow Sangitha!! I just loved the colours you chose. Your painting is enhancing the look of blog banner, it's looking vibrant and lovely :)

Nayana CherishDreamLive said...

Beautiful. I love the corner with terracotta pots. Joined you on FB :)

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Disha for your lovely comment.

You made my day!

Sangitha Aanand said...

Nayana, Thank u for joining me on FB as well.Do keep visiting.

Raj Aryan said...

Very nice Art Work.. Liked it.
New year New Beginning!!

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