Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diwali Pics

Just sharing some pictures taken at home during Diwali.This time we focused more on outdoor activity than being indoors. On Diwali night, took a tour of the city. The city was of course was bursting with crackers, colours and lighting. But the rains  I guess, played spoil sport. Anyway, some images taken from my phone. ( Not great quality, I know)

The last image is of a traditional game called PALLANGUZHI. (click here for more info on this game) We played this game as well with kids during Diwali. My maama gifted it to me recently. Here I have also used it as a  decor element.

It feels as if  5 days of festivities ended too soon. Also teamed up with my daughter for some DIY candle making activity which I will share with you all soon.

Keep watching this space. Coming up next is an online site feature... Till then take good care .


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