Wednesday, August 13, 2014

GoodHomes Contest--Colour thru fabrics

Today Leena Ranade and Karishma Banerjee have sent me their colour bathed homes .

Let's waste no time..

1.Leena Ranade

She says, " Home decor without fabrics is unthinkable for me. "
I loved the pics of your home Leena...

2.Karishma Banerji

This is what Karishma has to say about her lovely home, "This is a view of a part of my living room. I opted for white couches so I could play with contrasting colourful cushions and add pops of colour to them. I love the way the red and blue adds a splash of colour to the neutral upholstery of the sofas, and the best part is, the white background can host changing colour combinations and textures for the cushion covers. 

Speaking of fabrics and colour, I also love how the red carpet adds warmth to the room as it offsets the neutral cream colour of the silk blinds and drapes.

A third dimension to colour through fabric in my living room here is this beautiful Radha Krishna painting on cloth. This lovely scroll painting represents the bond between the deities and has been hand painted by talented artists from Bihar on linen.

A fourth dimension here is this beautiful bunch of baby pink roses that adorn my coffee table. These are made of taffeta silk, and add a lovely soft, gentle hue to the centre piece in our living room."

I really appreciate how people put their heart and effort into turning their four walled house to their dream home.

Once again ...All the very best! my dear participants

1 comment:

Purvi S said...

Loved the Brass decor elements in the 1st home photos. :)

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