Monday, February 18, 2013


No task in any Hindu household is completed without GANESH PUJAN

Recently we had a family function at our place .We invited Ganpatiji to seek his blessings.

That is the Ganesha Me,my sis and cousin made with wheat flour,turmeric and vermillion.

But you know how it is with all our functions......So much to do in so less time.
And when you have to reach another venue ,there's always this last minute rush,so much of confusion that in the end we forgot to take our lucky mascot..HE knew his presence matters and so things went well..
You can also make a Ganesha with a big ball of turmeric powder by mixing it with little water and making a paste from it.Then shaping it in the form of Vinayaka..This will stay longer than the wheat flour Ganesha..

Celebrataions,gatherings,festivals ... are so much fun.Not only do you get to meet all your friends and relatives,but we also dress up for the occassion.Our Homes get a festive feel and what better way than to say it with flowers....
Flowers add so much freshness .They enliven the surroundings and cool your senses.

some more pics of Gajanana..

The terracotta Ganesha's took my heart away when I saw them displayed at a road side stall,on our family trip to Coorg.I really marvelled, the artisan's skill and labour.All Ganesha's looking beautiful.Truly The Labour Of Love!!!


Apurva M Shinde said...

hi sangitha! really these ganeshas are so cute! so simple yet a treat to the eyes!

jinu said...

really nice geneshas, i like it..go on and pub more beautiful

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The photos of lord Ganesh is very pleasing.. Here i have got some more great photos of visit akshar roop ganesh

Ravi Solanki said...

Fabulous photos of Ganesha. Thanks for share this pics.Interior Designers In Mumbai

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