Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reduce,Reuse,Rycycle- Part 2

Part 1 on the three R's was liked by here comes the 2nd part.

This is a large pot used to store tamrind in large quantity.
My mother in law's elders passed it to her when they were shifting their house and my MIL has converted it into an intresting piece.

I also have a wish!
I hope it is passed onto me and also to several other generations to come.
and may be one day it will be called an antique piece!


Kala said...

Beautiful pot. Did you MIL paint it too? Love the idea of it becoming something else:):)

meg said...

wow... nicely painted.. g8 idea... may ur wish come true!

shinu said...


Shanthi said...

What a lovely pot. I remember seeing for keeping drinking water cold in summers (ofcourse before the filters and refrigerators). I am going to India in June and am so tempted to try something like this on a water pot :-)

Sudha said...


Mira said...

Its already one! Very nicely preserved and painted. Wish you all the best to pass it on to generations.

I am happy to follow you :-)

deepazartz said...

Hi Sangita
Love the painted pot!!! So did I love the warli pot, the painted wall make over, the wooden chairs...lovely!
Hope all your wishes come true!
Hi Kanika
First time here...Love the header pic...fabric birdies...the gulmohar; currently I am engaged in three projects - one involves the gulmohar:)
Nive blog:)
Good Wishes & regards

Emreen said...

Lovely pot... !! Love the cute elephant... !!

anandhirajan said...

very inspiring blog

Padhu said...

So beautiful!!

property in jaipur said...

wow beautiful pots..

Madhu Palaparthi said...

Lovely lovely!!!

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