Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Handcrafted Store

Hey folks,
Its time to test myself again.
Putting up another exhibition.(on a bigger scale)
Hope it attracts crowd and ofcourse buyers among them.
It will be a fun filled night with DJ,Rockband,eatery stalls and our humble stall,
"The Handcrafted Store"

There will be home accessories and personalised items too!A variety of curios and gift ideas for the New Year.
Tomorrow is the D-day.yes its going to be a Christmas event!
will share pictures of the event soon
so guys pray for me.wish me luck. I need them in tons!


Vidya said...

Hi Sangitha,

Hope you sell out all the stuff you have created.. All the Best Vidya

MindfulMeanderer said...

best of luck! have fun! n hope u have a good sale! :)

Anu said...

hi.... i have been following your blog a while now,and enjoy going through it.. though i havent left any comments...

where is the exhibition??? can you let me know?

meg said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed! and let's wish for a great success!

Sangitha said...

Hey there,

Vidya,MM,Anu,Thanks all of u for your wishes.Anu I live in Thane(Mumbai).The exhibition was organised by a Group called ConnectYouth.And yes it was a great learning experience.More about the exhibition will follow in my next post.

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