Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DIY-Dried flowers

Flowers make me go crazy.but it isnt possible that we buy fresh flowers daily.
This summer I tried my hands on making a dry flower arrangement.
Heliconia is classified as a rare plant. This is how it looks.

I plucked some,left it to dry under the sun for a few hours and then my daughter and self tried painting the flowers.

This is the result. Let me know,will you try it too?


Bhavna said...

This is a great idea! I love flowers, but its difficult to get fresh flowers in summer in Gurgaon. Dried flowers collect dust over time, but these are looking lovely after being painted over

Neetu said...

kya baat hai.... great ideas!!!!!!!!!! i m really impressed, Now i really want to c ur home, i can imagine how beautifully u would have kept it.

Patricia Torres said...

Fab idea!! I love flowers as well.. In Dubai... buying fresh flowers is a pretty expensive deal!! And somehow I'm not big on dried flowers!!

I sure like your idea!!

Sangitha said...

Thanks dear.U can even try it on leaves too.Maybe just plant all of these in a ceramic pot.hope it will work out to be lovely!

Iam waiting to welcome u in our home.

Anonymous said...

The flowers look lovely!

Spontaneous Mini said...

This is gorgeous. And since you did it yourself it has a history and a special story for everyone.

Sangitha said...

Thank you,Mini

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