Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Little One

She is the apple of my eye.she is my Daughter.

Today le'mme take you to her comfort zone.Her room..Her lucky mascot,Winnie the Pooh and the piglet welcome you, in her world.

This is her pin-up board where she puts in all her contributions like her medals,certificates,craftwork etc,And yes she turned 4 last month.

We made a comfortable sitting arrangement,on the floor for her,one in which she can have all the fun without ever getting hurt.

This is a mirror and on its shelf are these lovely puppies.They pose along with my sweetiepie.

And her desk.She sits there most of the time scribbling something or the other.Often its only an alphabet,a drawing or a line here and there but then I also wonder,maybe its her piece of art...

1 comment:

Vinita said...

what a cute room

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