Saturday, October 18, 2008

Night Bazaar

We were at this night bazaar in Hyderabad.It was amazing to see so many artisians at one place.
I bought whatever my pocket would allow and there I made a note in my mind,instead of buying from Hi-Fi shops and malls,I will try and buy intresting stuff from such places and encourage these artists who take so much pain,come from various states across India and exhibit their wares.

Truly Incredible India!!

Come on lets take an effort and not let these beautiful art forms fade away.


Arch at Rang said...

I love the tea pot:-)

Night Bazaar sounds like so much fun:-)
Was it in Shilparamam?

Thanks for dropping by at Rang Decor!


Sangitha said...

hey Archana.
Thanks dear,very happy to hear from you.I have fallen in love with Rang decor,so iam practically always there!

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